Tuesday, July 14, 2009

100 Mile Side Effects

Over the last 2 weeks of the challenge, a couple of unexpected 100-mile related things have been happening. The first is that we're both finding our food tastes more. It's better for us for the most part certainly, but it's more than that- I'll give you an example: tonight Rick and I had mushroom, onion and cheese omelettes with toast and butter. Pretty basic meal, right? But it tasted AMAZING! Is it that the eggs and vegs were fresher? We were using butter instead of margerine? Our taste buds are springing to life after being preservative free for a while? I have no idea, but it's great!

Another thing I noticed was that we have virtually no garbage to throw out. I thought we were pretty good about not creating a lot of trash, but since the challenge started we've only had 1 kitchen bag of garbage and 1 full blue box- for 2 weeks! Our green bin is fuller, but even that isn't stuffed since I've been trying to save veg bits for stock. No pre-packaged food means a lot less boxes and packaging I guess!

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