Saturday, June 20, 2009

Info Overload!

Since the planning began for the 100 mile challenge, I've become a little obsessed with food. Until the last couple of days I thought this would mostly a fun thing that might require a little more work as far as planning menus in advance. Hmm, now that we're nearly out of non-local food in our house and I'm having to replace items we've used up with local ones I'm starting to realize how much this is going to affect our day to day lives.

Pasta? gotta make it myself, Tomato sauce? ditto, although that'd require tomatoes which are only hothouse right now (and cost lotsa $$!). Olive oil? No dice. My basil's still kinda small too.

This is June in Ontario folks. That means fresh local produce is basically rhubarb, asparagus, some greens (lettuce & such) & green onions. Apples and other root vegs are also around but most are starting to be a little rough around the edges due to the fact many were harvested back in the fall.

This does not a filling menu make. Having nothing but asparagus omlettes until my garden starts producing (although I do have 3 tiny peppers and a lot of flowers on my tomato plants) did not sound good.

In my panic though, I did find a GREAT site for 100 mile recipes and other things here. Not only recipes posted by people following the 100 mile diet, but meal plans too! Mind you, not everyone is from the same 100 miles, but I'm hoping it'll help. With only 2 weeks until start, I have my work cut out for me.

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